grant guidelines

JJJ accepts applications from all private sector organizations. The Foundation receives a large number of requests for assistance and, since we are a small foundation with limited assets, can fund only a small percentage of them. We anticipate that we will receive more proposals than we can fund and we thank grant seekers in advance for the work put into the proposals. Priority will be given to those groups with special interest in the areas of child education and development, social and community programs, and disadvantaged youth. Grants are most often awarded within the $1,000 to $2,000 range.

The types of funding JJJ prefers include start-up costs, special projects, specific operating support, and capital expenditures. JJJ favors organizations with very small to medium sized budgets ($0 - $500,000). Other than certain requests invited and sponsored by the Board, requests for support will be considered from organizations located in Colorado and serving its communities, with preference given to organizations located in Boulder County.

JJJ tries not to impose a rigid application procedure and makes every effort to be responsive and flexible. However, we ask that all requests of the JJJ Foundation be consistent with our mission and guidelines and that all applicants carefully review this entire section of information before contacting the Foundation.

The JJJ Foundation does not respond to general solicitations. Rather, we ask all applicants to submit a one or two-page letter of inquiry via email to determine if an organization and its proposal fit within the Foundation’s eligibility guidelines before the organization expends resources to put together a full proposal. We ask that you include the following information in your letter of inquiry:

1)  The organization's mission statement.

2)  A summary of the organization's history.

3)  A brief statement regarding the purpose and amount of the funding request.

4)  Information about the capability of the leadership, both staff and volunteer when applicable, who will implement the project.

5) A summary of the organization's annual operating budget indicating the percentage of government support.

6) A copy of your IRS 501c3 determination letter in pdf format if possible.

Annual reports, brochures, or additional pages of illustrative materials should not accompany letters of inquiry. Please do not send unsolicited videotapes, curricula, reports, etc.  Hardcopy proposals received in the mail will not be consider.  Please present letters of inquiry by email.

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a formal Common Grant Application. JJJ will ordinarily respond to Common Grant applicants within one month. Proposals will be considered at any time with no deadline restrictions, but only one grant per fiscal year (10/1 - 9/30) to any establishment is customarily made and only one proposal in any twelve-month period is accepted for consideration. Due to our limited staff, we are not able to meet personally with all grant seekers, therefore site visits may be scheduled with applicant after careful review of the written proposal. JJJ will consider multi-year grant requests and collaboration with other funders.

Please email all letters and applications to:

Jennifer Butler Fitzgibbons
JJJ Foundation, Inc.

We would be happy to help you at any time during the grant making process and can be reached by email.Type your paragraph here.

JJJ Foundation, Inc.